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WTC 2018
Written by DZI (2017-12-23 19:16)
Translated by DZI (2017-12-23 19:16)

Welcome at the WorldTour Competition website by The favourite gamesite for many and perhaps the most challenging fantasy procycling game in the world.
This season the UCI has particularly infuenced the WorldTour cycle by allowing teams only seven riders at the start of each race. In G.T.'s the number's eight. All this in order to make the sport of cycling 'safer' and maybe end the dominance of one or two teams. In short this means that some riders won't be able to find a team this season and many are already looking for another line of work.

Because of the expansion of the UCI calendar, we have decided to choose another start-race for the season; the Middle-East serves as the decor for our first stage season opener in the Abu Dhabi Tour. The Stage Competition threshold remains at your hundred-and-ten best scores, and the game remains the same with 12 riders in your team. That still gives you ample time to join after the first race without major consequences for your final score at the end of October.

The Main Competition is unchanged in 2018. You choose 65 riders of who you think will score the best throughout the year and they are your picks entered in your game team to choose from every stage race or oneday-race. Per stage you can only select 15 riders from your game team selection. The trick is of course to minimize your losses of your reserves and score as much as you can with your active riders.

Since the start of the website in 2005 you can play for free - no fees. We'll again take care of roadmaps, profiles and such to enhance your information, so you can make a weighed choice between your riders each stage. The only stages that are excluded from this comptition are the TTT's (Team Time Trials). The competition will be concluded after the Gree-Tour of Guangxi (CHN) in October after which the yearlong and global rankings wil be released. The best puzzle-heads will of course get an honourary place in our "Hall of Fame".

Lots of fun playing the CyclingFever WorldTour Competition 2018!
Ricardo Pereira
Thu, January 25th 2018 - 08:58 CET

Hi, race teams close 1st February?

Fri, June 8th 2018 - 20:44 CET

Is it too late to enter?